“MicroLearnings for trainers and teachers in VET systems” is collaborative project of five partners from Austria, France, Poland and the UK aimed at trainer/teachers as well as apprentices in VET systems. It objective is to produce the training material to address some of the softer skills apprentices require as well as helping trainers to understand learning needs and expectations of the new generation.

The project is focusing on 5 draft topics:

Knowledge Transfer

Leadership and Organisational Culture

Leadership and working with young generation

How to find and develop apprentices?

Conflict and resolution in VET

The organisation of the training material is an innovative MicroLearning format, with small learning units addressing a specific question within the topic, (in video, audio clips and transfer materials). Each topic will consist of 20-25 video/audio clips of 1-3 minutes in length. All material will be available as a free on line educational resource in 4 languages (English, French, German and Polish).