Coventry University

Coventry University is a top post-1992 university in the UK and was named 'University of the Year' in the annual Times Higher Education (THE) Awards 2015. ‘Modern University of the Year’ by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2014 and 2015 and Entrepreneurial University of the Year in 2011. The University has a reputation for excellent research, business engagement, innovation and entrepreneurship. Coventry University has 19,000 students, four faculties and three institutes. The university has an extensive track record in engagement with Europe and European research and development and is the No. 1 UK University for European placements.

Coventry University has widely recognised experience in the delivery of Framework Programme activity with European collaborative management experience from lead and partner roles on Leonardo, INTAS, Socrates, INFO 2000, MLIS, Longlife Learning, Promise and EuropeAid projects.

Coventry University was awarded £8.7m by the Advantage West Midlands to establish the Advanced Construction Technology Simulation Centre, dedicated to provide an innovative facility for training on construction site, enabled by a semi-immersive virtual reality model of a construction site.

Coventry University
ibis acam

ibis acam

ibis acam is a private company in the field of education and training. It is specialized in language training, personality development, Vocational and adult education and training. In the field of VET, ibis acam provides 3 years' apprenticeship training throughout Austria in specific trades. It offers training courses in various fields, such as in the IT sector (Computer driving licence) , Foreign language learning; German as a second language, job application, job coaching; development of specific skills and competences for school-leavers in search for a job; coaching of people with health or other problems; coaching of apprentices with problems at the workplace.

The company cooperates very closely with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) as well as with private firms and individual learners. The target groups are young people (school leavers in search for a job and/or participating in specific VET programmes); immigrants; elderly people and women; people at risk of social exclusion; people aged 45 and more. Ibis acam also cooperates closely with federal and regional agencies dealing with disabled people. On behalf of these agencies ibis acam organizes training courses aiming to reintegrate unemployed people into the labour market, by enhancing their professional qualifications and skills.

Ibis acam employs more than 500 trainers in some 80 training locations in Austria.


NeuKurs is an online training platform hosting business-know-how for SME, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs. The content is provided in the form of Microlearnings. These are 1-3 minute video- or audiocontent. NeuKurs chooses, produces and distributes this content in cooperation with self employed business trainers and experts.

We apply our own quality management:

• Pre Production: assessing the content and the quality of the script. The script has to meet certain technical criteria (e.g. # of words, three learnings per clip, …).

• Production: use of appropriate high quality technical equipment (e.g. camera, light, sound, …) and software.

• Post-Production: use of grafics and animation, use of filters, corrections etc.



LENO Consulting is a private adult training organisation specialised in distance learning and other innovated pedagogical methods. The staff is currently composed by 6 fulltime collaborators and more than 15 external consultants in two offices in the regions of Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc–Roussillon, in the south of France.

Our aim is to provide high quality trainings to match the needs of our customers with the labor market ones. We have a wide group of customers: companies, employees and the most important one: unemployed persons.

We offer nearly 200 training topics around six areas of expertise. Each proposed training course is made after an internal audit in cooperation with our customers, lin order to respond exactly to their specific needs. Leno Consulting is specialized in various areas such as sustainable development, green building, renewable energy; the using of software, CAD software, design; management, internal and external communication, sales training; sale of clothing, shopping management, foreign languages and international mobility.

Some of the trainings are private and other are financed by Regions Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon. Those trainings for unemployed persons obtain a pretty good job integration rates; about 75% of our trainees get access to a job or create their own company after following one of those trainings.

In addition, LENO develops consultant studies, analysis and evaluation of existing tools and distance learning facilities for private and public organizations, schools and businesses.

Orange Hill

Orange Hill is a private micro enterprise, operating in consulting and education industry. Was founded in January 2008. Since its creation the company has expanded in terms of turnover and number of employees. Main groups of clients are public administration institutions at local, regional and national level.

Orange Hill's activities are focused on 3 main categories of services:

• Development and implementation of training and consulting projects, aimed at supporting processes of change in organizations.

• Research and development – OH develops solutions that help to understand better organizational changes. Currently we developed by ourselves or with close cooperation with academic environment (i.e. Jagiellonian University, University of Economics in Krakow etc.) IT Systems enabling to moderate and carry out complex studies in organizations.

• Consultancy – delivered mainly for public administration and SMEs. It covers competency-based management systems, management of clients’ satisfaction, cross-sectoral cooperation, improvement of quality of services and quality standards.

Currently the most expanding field of operations in OH are consulting services. Company also collaborates with customers to develop, implement and manage systems (tools) for employee development. Orange Hill is developer of such tools for auditing organisations like: diagnosis of employees' satisfaction, diagnosis of organizational culture, diagnosis of customer satisfaction and audit of knowledge management, facilitation of recruitment process.

The scope of areas in which OH provide consultancy is the following:

Recruitment, Assessment and development of employees, Designing and evaluation of training, Diagnosis of competencies, Implementation of Common Assessment Framework in PA, Competency-based HRM, Talent management, Age management, Change management, Organizational Audit.

As a leader or partner OH create and realize HRM projects combining knowledge with practical experience, OH is also a subcontractor in the field of project management, and implemented projects with budgets ranging from 1 mln. EURO to 3 mln euro for big Polish companies operating in retailing, banking and enegy setor (e.g. PKO Bank Polski, Tauron ISS Facility services, HDS Polska, Aelia Polska. Currently OH implements one European development of innovation project within Lifelong Learning Programme (LDV) "Find the best". In E+ call 2014 one OH's project was approved and in one OH is a partner. One of these new projects is focused on development of business board-game as an educational tool for retail networks.

Orange Hill