5 Micro Learning Topics

Vocational Education and Training (VET) systems across Europe are facing a series of challenges.

In order for the younger generations to remain competitive in the labor market, in addition to the practical skills to a particular profession the so-called soft skills are important.

1. Knowledge Transfer: In 22 exciting Micro Learning video clips, you will learn what the about the methods of a successful training, what e-Learning is and when you can incorporate it in training. You will be shown 7 Methods and Tools, give a checklist for your next training session, and find out how younger generations learn.

2. Leadership and Corporate Culture: In this topic, you will gain an understanding of the key elements behind any successful company, effective leadership and organisational culture. You will better understand organisational frameworks, understand different aspects of organisational operations as well as an overall running of the organisation.

3. Leadership and working with new generation: You will learn how to work with new generation's perspective upon leadership, their values, needs and expectations; how young people changed the organisational culture of companies; how to communicate with young generations and how to develop their potential and talents.

4. How to find and develop apprentices: You will learn about the whole apprentices' recruitment process from communication to the job interview; how to create an inspiring working place to increase apprentices' motivation and competences.

5. Conflict and resolution in VET: In these exciting Micro Learning clips you will learn which kind of conflicts could arise in the VET systems and which kind of strategies and methods could you use to solve these conflicts. You will learn the meaning of “Cyber mobbing” and how you can prevent it for yourself and your apprentices.